I've been spending a lot of time on airplanes recently so I killed the time by hacking together a little comment section for my blog. I wrote my own CAPTCHA from scratch, we'll see how much of a mistake that was.

The coolest part of it for me is it's completely JavaScript-free, in fact this whole website is (with the exception of some Twitter embeds). I'm rejecting modernity over here.

For now I'm keeping it very simple but maybe one day I will add more features like image uploads and mentioning previous peoples' comment IDs in your comment. The way I'm imagining it is loosely inspired by 4chan.

Try it out by leaving a comment on this post!


It's a free tier RDS instance so be nice to it please lol
the captcha is not frustrating enough, I want to click on 14 different boats
wow this is fancy
This is my new favorite group chat.
@Cryptoph this is where the alpha is
omg can you put me in the screenshot
nice one artur
Is there any way you can make your website template available for people to use?
that would be cool. I should open source it
So I can write anything without leaving a name URL or email? That's cool

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